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Phyllis DeWitt

Phyllis DeWittIf you have a problem and need it solved in an efficient and successful way – Phyllis DeWitt is the one who can do it. Just ask developers, builders and sales professionals, both locally and nationally. There is no one better for the job.

Known for never “doing things the usual way”, she has developed innovative, unique and successful campaigns, promotions and sales events targeted to bring results. By looking ahead, creating a new mold and keeping in touch with tomorrow’s marketing trends, she develops a vision that brings results. Her unique efforts have won praise and garnered profits for many high-profile builders and developers.

“You can’t get caught up in the old ‘real estate’ mindset. Real estate is a consumer product, just like fashion, cars or Starbucks. To be successful in the marketplace, you must know your consumer and speak to them in ways that reach their souls and their pockets. Some avenues are conventional and some are very unconventional.”

Throughout her career, she has successfully analyzed and projected market and consumer trends for her clients, established and managed multi-million-dollar advertising budgets, obtained local and national co-op advertising revenue from vendors, directed interior design of model homes and sales offices, recruited and trained sales personnel, and developed Realtor® outreach programs. She has received numerous accolades and awards, and was recently honored with the Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas prestigious Legend of Sales and Marketing Award.

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